Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We've got a barnburner!

Call momma from the farmhouse and tell her to stop the newsletter, round up the baby calfs and make sure to feed the chickens before noon because we've got a BARNBURNER ladies and gentlemen!
Marty Needelman (and BTCC's Juan Ramos) finally drops his Federal Fair Housing Act lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg today at 2, preceded by a highly anticipated City Planning hearing for the Broadway Trianlge where everybody who is anybody spoke (more on that in a couple of hours)
Also we've got the big TransGas Appellate Court case, the First Day of School, and the return of Community Board One at 6! It's taking an American Airlines redeye with faulty parts straight into the eye of a tornado, and you can BET THE FARM that these bits of news will affect the City Council elections in one way or another....


Anonymous said...


Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm confused. By drop the lawsuit, do you mean filed the lawsuit? Usually, when someone drops a lawsuit, it means that they stop or withdraw it. But I suspect that you may be using drop in the way that, say, Jay Z says his new album just dropped. If you mean the former, any chance you can scan the documents onto the site. Whew.

Anonymous said...

I meant latter. So tired.

Aaron Short said...

Yes, I meant file the lawsuit.