Saturday, September 19, 2009

We interrupt the holidays to bring you Breaking News from Williamsburg

From Team Diana:

Diana Reyna today announced that, following the official re-canvass of all machines and the counting of emergency ballots, absentee ballots and valid affidavit ballots, she has won re-election as Council Member from the 34th Council District. Members of her main opponent's campaign were present throughout the entire process.
The newly counted votes added to Reyna’s unofficial primary election tally, taking her from a margin of 223 to 251 votes.
Reyna thanked her volunteers, her family and all of the voters who propelled her to re-election, and asked for all members of the community to work together to continue to improve the neighborhood.
“Thank you, and I look forward to working with everyone in Williamsburg, Bushwick and Ridgewood as we address the issues that truly matter,” Reyna stated. “Now it is time to focus on the work we must continue to do for the people - increasing the supply of affordable housing; making sure that our kids have great schools; and bringing good jobs and economic growth back to our neighborhood.”


Anonymous said...

Vito Lopez's people challenged Reyna's petitions, and they lost.

Then they challenged the voting results, and they lost.

Sounds like somebody has a bad attitude toward democracy. The people have spoken.

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Aaron, so I guess your obsession with Diana is finally over. So tell us all, now that its all done how much was she paying you. How is it possible for you to be in EVERY of her events but none of the others. You were even at places where no one called you. to tell you the truth it seems a bit biased. Could it have been an extreme attraction or just a simple pay-off?

Aaron Short said...

Dear Anonymous #2:
This is the kind of comment that does little to advance the discussion about democracy in our neighborhoods.
Throughout the campaign, I attended multiple events with each candidate, without necessarily being invited. Among the Maritza Davila events I went to:
*2 Sunken Meadow picnics, Long Island
*Transportation/ Public Safety meeting in Williamsburg
*McKibbin Street Block Party
*Summer Streets Fair- Bushwick
*Davila Campaign Launch City Hall
*Bushwick Day Parade in June

The only time Maritza commented at length about why she was running for Council was in an interview i did with her at her Democratic headquarters:

If you're going to put accusations out there, you need to back them up with evidence.

Nast said...

Hey Aaron, just a followup. Which candidate, in the races that you covered, gave you the most access to their campaign?

Aaron Short said...

Access? Lots of campaigns were pretty open. I'd say Thies, Simon, Yassky, Reyna, Diamondstone and Biviano were very open. So were all the other citywides, though I didn't write about them as much. Esposito, Abraham, and Levin got more open in the summer as the campaign moved along. Still, there were times when some camps did not call back before deadline and a story fell through.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for covering our local news with such passion. I always found your stories to be right on and with a touch of insight, that is unique to find. Most of us look forward to you being around, it's almost like, it's not a story, unless Aaron Short is their to report on it...keep on writing..keep on blogging...and we'll keep on reading..

Anonymous said...

A.S. check this out. I guess he did not get the message.