Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stuck on Yassky

While we all wait for the results to trickle in, check out Gary Buiso's bone-deep investigation into Yassky stickering.



Anonymous said...

Flyering on windshields is illegal. Anyone who wants to gain voter trust should know that!

Unknown said...

Even today as I walk around Kensington I see the residue of these stickers on many of the cars in the neighborhood. Not very easily removed. And just a little insulting that someone would think their message is important enough to essentially vandalize my car. Granted, I am sure this was a mistake of some sort, but if I were indirectly responsible for inflicting this sort of mistake upon all these cars, I think I would at least offer a public apology (and a car wash as a gesture of good will..).

I've tried to contact David Yassky via Twitter, Facebook, and directly by email, but have not received any response (although he did accept my "friend" request on Facebook).