Friday, September 11, 2009

34th District Candidate Profiles (Bushwick/ Williamsburg)

In case you missed these from Click on the name for the full profile:

Maritza Davila
In 1990, Maritza Davila, a single mother of three, was working at grocery store off Myrtle Avenue making just above minimum wage. It was a steady job, but the pay was too low to support her family and her housing situation was growing dire.
"I was living in a dilapidated 8-unit building on Bleecker between Cypress and St. Nicholas that had no heat or hot water," said Davila. "I didn’t realize the landlord was collecting bills."

Diana Reyna
A two-term incumbent with another five years of experience as Chief of Staff in a powerful Brooklyn Assembly office, Diana Reyna has actually never run a campaign by herself before.
During the past two cycles (2001 and 2005), Reyna was backed by her former boss, and Kings County Democratic Party Chair, Assemblymember Vito Lopez, who encouraged her to run eight years ago. As she began to assert her independence early in her second term, Lopez pulled back his support,
encouraging a political rival and former colleague, Maritza Dávila, to run for Democratic District Leader in Bushwick. In June, Lopez formally introduced Dávila on the steps of City Hall in her run for City Council.

Gerry Esposito
The first thing you notice when you visit the Community Board 1 office on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, where City Council candidate Gerry Esposito has worked for the past thirty years, are the preponderance of maps. Maps of zoning regions, maps of bridge and subway construction plans, maps of voting districts.
Sure, there are awards, city proclamations, and photographs, but understanding how the infrastructure and development in North Brooklyn has changed over time is more important for Esposito. Knowing where we’ve been helps him visualize where he wants to lead the community, if he gets that chance.

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