Tuesday, September 15, 2009


From BushwickBK.com, where I am updating the 34th District City Council race throughout the day...

Time to go vote. My polling station, which sits on the Bushwick/Ridgewood border is also a middle school. Well, it’s primarily a middle school, and things are quiet in front. Really quiet. Some cheerful Maritza Davila volunteers and a guy with a Diana Reyna sign and a book stand outside across the street.

“People took the literature seemed not aware of the election,” the Reyna guy said.

This is the edge of District 34, but unfortunately I live one block into the 37th District so I can’t vote for a council candidate. No Maritza. No Diana. No Gerry. Tragic.

“It only takes half a block to knock you out. You’re over the borderline,” said Carol Romenick, a Democratic coordinator.

I asked a Republican inspector (Republican!) how many people voted this morning.

“Let’s see, this table has 3, that table has 5 over there, that one has 7, and 12 there.”

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Lacey said...

There was no one else there to vote when I went to the Swinging 60s Senior Center this morning. Sigh.

A Gerry Esposito volunteer with a mouthful of bagel said "mmmph?" to me and gestured toward some flyers as I left, but I told her I had already voted. Some Diana and Martiza volunteers were also around, but none of them said anything to me. Spotted Allison Cordero from St. Nick's on the corner of Maujer and Leonard holding a Diana Reyna sign.