Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mayor's favorite foods

An article about Mayor Bloomberg in the Dining section? Yup. It's true.

But an examination of what enters the mayoral mouth reveals that Mr. Bloomberg is an omnivore with his own glaring indulgences, many of them at odds with his own policies. And he struggles mightily to restrain his appetite.
As a billionaire in one of the dining capitals of the world, he can eat anything he wants. But he is obsessed with his weight — so much so that the sight of an unflattering photo of himself can trigger weeks of intense dieting and crankiness, according to friends and aides.
His food issues have become New York City’s. Although he has described his battle against unhealthy foods as common-sense public policy that will shed pounds (and save lives), many of his targets overlap with his own cravings.
“I like a Big Mac like everybody else,” he confessed the other day, explaining the city’s warts-and-all approach to fast food. “I just want to know how many calories are in it.”

This slightly rebuts the Pizzagate story, which erupted in Williamsburg earlier in the year.


Teresa said...

Nothing new. Remember then-Mayor Koch's obsession with Chinese food? Under such scrutiny I guess numerous other vices are out of the question...

Mere said...

He is a civil libertarians worst nightmare. Dyed in the wool hypocrite. I would think all the self righteous greenies would eat it up. I hope not.