Monday, September 14, 2009

Primary Day Preview Part II: Wake Me Up...

...when September ends.

This is it. Not even twelve hours remain before the polls close. I've grown a primary beard (ok primary stubble) which I vow to shave off once a winner is declared in the 33rd and 34th races. What's going to happen is anyone's guess, but A Short Story wants to know whether you're ready. Ready to go out and vote and volunteer and dance like David Weprin at the Soul Music Summit

Are you ready Evan Thies Helper Elves?

Are you ready Krakus Polish seniors?

Are you ready Jo Anne Simon biddies?

Are you ready Alex Leopold?

Are you ready Teresa Toro?

Are you ready Zoe Epstein?

Are you ready Rabbi David Niederman's beard?

Are you ready Laura and Mike Hofmann?

Are you ready Isaac Abraham's cholent (mmm. that's good cholent!)?

Are you ready Jeff Mann's Jeep?

Are you ready Ben Muessig's camera?

Are you ready Steve Levin's Angels (Go Angels Go!)?

Are you ready Vito Lopez's colon?

Are you ready Marty Needelman's lawsuit?

Are you ready Doug Biviano's solar panel?

Are you ready Juliet Linderman's 36 oz iced coffee?

Are you ready Reyna boys?

Are you ready Brad Lander Swingles?

Are you ready Skallerites and Steve Stites?

Are you ready Lady Smith Black Mombassa?

That's what we thought. As for me, I'll be up early visiting the launch of several campaigns. There's no way of knowing what will happen tomorrow, but there will be posting throughout the day. Until then, go out and vote. And dance.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Aaron -- weren't you going to issue your endorsements today?!

(Or may be this post is really a code, now let me think about it -- Elves v. Swingles v. Biddies v. Beards v. Boys = iced coffee -- or was it Solar panels v. colon v. cameras = the demise of the Public Advocate....)