Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comptroller, Public Advocate links

From around the web and back again:

BoroPolitics has the Advocate race, has the Yassky loss from Yassky Headquarters, while the Brooklyn Paper culls reports, City Room reports from Liu Headquarters, The New York Daily News talks about Yom Kippur sidelining the second place winners, while Adam Lisberg and friends at NYDN's City Hall desk wraps the two races, Kareem Fahim and Julie Bosman do the same at the Times, and Michael Barbaro has voting scenes from The Bronx.

Behind the scenes, Azi over at the New York Observer looks into the New New York Machine, City Hall News looks at Manhattan endorsements in the Comptroller race, Steve Kornacki back at the Observer views the Comptroller and Advocate race as the Final Four with the Finals to be held in 2013 (the mayoral race that is), David Freedlander interviews Bloomberg's Biographer, more Bloomberg with a meeting with Al Gore on environmental issues in Long Island City

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Yassky and Thies will ever realize how much they're disliked by the people they were supposed to be serving.
They both seem so delusional and arrogant.
The people have spoken.
Please go away David and Evan.