Thursday, September 10, 2009

Early Thursday Links

I usually do links on Fridays (and I still will), but I want to direct some attention to three comprehensive pieces on the two relevant hearings that occurred last morning. Gersh Kuntzman has the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition lawsuit wrap, Mike McLaughlin has more color on the religious discrimination aspect of the lawsuit (with the Daily News), and Sam Newhouse has a crisp Brooklyn Daily Eagle article regarding the TransGas Energy appeal. All three are must reads.

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Anonymous said...

Needleman is just upset that he wasn't supported for Civil Court Judge a few years ago. He used to be a big supporter of Lopez, and his criticism can be traced to exactly when he failed to get Lopez' endorsement for that Civil Court Judicial race. He still ran, supposedly spent his entire life's savings because of lack of support, and lost by 35%anyway.

As a lawsuit, this proceeding has no merit. It will most likely be dismissed in the next couple of months after the City files their Motion. What I do find troubling is that Needleman's Legal Services office is spending all this time with this frivolous case when there are more pressing and actual needs in his community. Why stop the development of affordable housing when it is so sorely needed?