Friday, September 18, 2009

The Short List: Rosh Ha Sha-na-na edition

Challah at Your Boy, Son!

L'Shannah Tovah! this weekend to all our Jewish friends on A Short Story as the blog wishes you a sweet and joyous new year this Sha-na na. Hope it's a blue moon out.
Here at A Short Story, I'm still picking my way through the wreckage of Brooklyn's Progressive community, trying to find the black box. I will have a primary winners and non-winners post, looking at the long-term consequences of the events of this past Tuesday (the Daily News has something on this too), but for now, let's go over the highlights!

*Juliet Linderman has a blogalicious hour-by-hour run-down of primary day. My favorite highlight? An anxious Steve Levin at Taylor Wythe. He sounded serious about being nervous. I hope he kept his food down.
*Ben Muessig accidentally wandering into Vito's Bushwick clubhouse late Tuesday night. Ben congratualted Vito on Steve Levin's victory party. What did Vito have to say? "How come you're not at the Evan Thies party?" Classic.
*Speaking of Vito, he took to the corners himself at 6 PM, Tuesday night, with Martin Dilan, while Diana Reyna canvassed at the other corner of South 3rd and Roebling near P.S. 250. I'm still kicking myself for missing this.
*Meeting something like twenty Reyna cousins at the Reyna after party. And that wasn't the entire family. According to the US Census, nearly everyone in Williamsburg's South Side is at least a fifth cousin of Diana Reyna.
*Seeing scores of Williamsburg Hasidic leaders on Wyckoff Avenue celebrating Levin's victory. Did I miss the brand new torah?

Finally, in a look to the future...
*Steve Witt passed his stress test this morning. "Every other commercial in the waiting room was about Bloomberg," he said. "You can't beat that."

As for the weekend, there's two big fashion shows in Williamsburg (Love Brigade and Williamsburg Fashion Weekend), a veritable ton of parties in Bushwick on Friday night, and the Cooper Park Fun and Film party on Saturday starting at 5 PM.
I'll be Sha-na-naing most of the weekend. I kind of want to know if David Yassky will be hitting the synagogue circuit, aka Jeremy Piven in Entourage when he had to make a deal on Yom Kippur. That's the beauty of Yom Kippur as long as you apologize by sundown you can do whatever you want.

That's not quite the way I want to end this holiday. We need a dance techno remix.

Much better. L'shana tovah!

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