Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've been in the field all day, you know, reporting, and in the meantime it looks like a slew of local papers have made their endorsements. These are actual endorsements from actual newspapers.

Carribean Life: Billy Thompson, Mayor
Bronx Times: Billy Thompson, Mayor; Melinda Katz, Comptroller; Bill De Blasio, Public Advocate
Queens Times-Ledger: Thompson, Mayor; John Liu, Comptroller; Eric Gioia, Public Advocate

Courier Life (Brooklyn): Billy Thopmson, Mayor; Comptroller, David Yassky; Bill De Blasio Public Advocate.
33rd: Steve Levin
34th: Diana Reyna
39th: Josh Skaller
40th: Rock Hackshaw
41st: Tracy Boyland
45th: Jumaane Williams
Here's the good stuff. The full endorsement editorials.


Anonymous said...

Aaron- The only endorsements your readers care about are your's. When are your endorsements coming out?!

Aaron Short said...