Thursday, January 21, 2010

Unofficial Committee Chairs$plit/C_67_article_2056001_body_articleblock_0_bodyimage.jpg
It's committee assignments day(!) at City Council. It's a bit like extracurricular sign-up day in gym class. Unfortunately, Inez Dickens got stuck with ballet... I mean Standards and Ethics.

This morning the Rules Committee voted on its assignments (Liz Benjamin has the unofficial list). No real surprises here, with Domenic Recchia picking up Finance, Leroy Comrie picking up Land Use and Al Vann elevated to Majority Whip.

Of local interest, Brad Lander got the Land Use subcommittee Landmarks, Steve Levin got the Land Use's Dispositions Subcommittee (Dan Garodnick's old subcommittee) Diana Reyna picked up David Yassky's old Small Business Committee Chair, and Tish James picked up Sanitation.
"People are already making garbage jokes," Tish was muttering.

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