Monday, January 11, 2010

Scott Stringer's Cookbook and other books

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A blog fan recently wanted to know more about Scott Stringer's new cookbook that I referenced for a New Year's Day post. It's called the Go Green East Harlem Cookbook and can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or at Amazon at different prices. From the release:
Each recipe featured in the book was reviewed by experts from the Integrative Nutrition Institute, a leading nutrition school, and is coded with helpful information such as “dairy free,” “sugar free,” and “whole grains.” Among more than 65 people who contributed recipes are Mt. Sinai Hospital President Dr. Burton Drayer (Golden Gazpacho); Ginger Executive Chef Wei Ziong Hu (Fish and Watercress Soup with Glass Noodles); Hilda Candy Vasquez and Sandra Vives-Ramos of the 116th Street Block Association (Spanish Stew Soup); Harlem Tea Room owner Patrice Clayton (Tea Time Salad); Community Board 11 Chair Robert Rodriguez (Honey Baked Chicken); Wagner Tenants’ Association President Katie Harris (Cream of Fruited Chicken); Community Board 11 Vice Chair Debbie Quinones (Limbel del el Caribe); and Settepani Bakery owners Leah Abraham and Nino Settepani (Sicilian Fava Bean Stew).

Speaking of books, I should have also noted another book, written by urban planner Jeff Speck, called the Smart Growth Manual. Speck gave a highly informative presentation to the City Planning Commission on their first hearing of the year, just before New Domino's certification. Noah Kazis from Streetsblog has more about this.

And finally, Steve Witt's book is still for sale. He'll be doing some readings in Brooklyn very soon too. I'll keep you posted.

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