Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steve Witt Mosque Stories

I want to altert you to two stories in the Kings Courier you may have missed on a proposed Sheepshead Bay mosque from intrepid reporter Steve Witt that bear some reading...

Flier Denouncing Mosque Goes Around Sheepshead Bay (January 19)

Proposed Mosque Causes Concern in Community (January 14)

An excerpt of a comment from Council member Lew Fidler:
City Council member Lew Fidler, who represents the block in question said there are legitimate concerns about building a structure of this type of type and size at this location, which is a completely residential block.“We continue to check that they comply with the law. However, to make a decision that because this is a mosque and for no other reason that this will be a haven for hate or terror is over the top,” said Fidler.“People need to know the fact that every government agency is aware of the project and they will be made, like everybody else, to comply with the law,” he added.

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