Thursday, January 28, 2010

School Closure Rallies (Correction!)

The story everyone should be talking about today is the school closure list and the public school rally that followed. The Courier's Michele De Meglio is on the trail and covering the story throughout the borough (with a quote from former Yasskyite Danny Kanner, now at the DOE!).
Correction: This post earlier stated that Automotive H.S. (students pictured above) is among those on the city's list for closure. It is not. The school is on the state's list for underperforming schools, which is quite different. A clarification: this does not mean that they aren't in danger of closing in the future, as the state's stipulation may force some kind of change in the future. De Meglio's key paragraph is below:
The DOE may accept $500,000 in federal funding for each school upon implementing any of these restructuring options — replacing the principal, replacing 50 percent of the staff, turning the school over to a charter or school-management organization, or closing the school. The DOE is waiting for further guidance from the state Education Department before making decisions about the schools’ futures
The Brooklyn schools on the closure list include: Paul Robeson High School, Metropolitan Corporate Academy, Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence, P.S. 332, and W.H. Maxwell and Career Technical Education H.S.

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