Monday, January 25, 2010

NYC Politics Fantasy Draft 2010

The first ever 2010 NYC Politics Fantasy Draft is over and it was a marathon, wide-ranging draft featuring political players throughout the five boroughs. Who won, who lost, and whose team is going to be just plan dysfunctional. Let's go to the draft...

The draft order was as follows: 1. Joe Walker , Freelancer City Hall News, City Limits. 2. Dan Bush, Brooklyn Downtown Star, 3. Chris Bragg, City Hall News, 4. Ben Fried, Streetsblog, 4. Aaron Short, CNG, 6. Greg Hanlon, formerly CNG/ Greenline, 7. Moses Gates AllCity, 8, Juliet Linderman, Greenpoint Gazette, 9, Reid Pillifant, The Observer, 10. Erin Durkin, Daily News.

First Round:
1. Walker: Mayor Michael Bloomberg- QB
2. Bush: Mr. Comptroller John Liu: QB
3. Bragg: Governor David Paterson: QB
4. Fried: Public Advocate Bill De Blasio QB
5. Short: Speaker Shelly Silver- QB
6. Hanlon: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo QB
7. Gates: Speaker Christine Quinn LT
8. Linderman: Senator Chuck Schumer: QB
9. Pillifant: Former State Senate Presidenet Joe Bruno- TB
10. Durkin: Senator Kirstin Gillibrand- QB
Joe Walker is happy to begin building his team with eight-time all star Mayor Bloomberg.

Second Round
11. Durkin: Senate candidate Harold Ford: RB
12. Pillifant: State Sen. Hiram Monserrate FB
13. Linderman: State Sen. Dan Squadron: WR
14. Moses: Former Pres. Candidate Al Sharpton: Coach/ FB
15. Hanlon: Anthony Weiner WR
16. Aaron: Rep. Jerrold Nadler: LT
17. Ben: State Sen. John Sampson-TB
18. Bragg: Pedro Espada- WR
19. Bush: Marty Markowitz- Center
20. Walker Cy Vance TB
After being picked in the 2nd Round, Congressman Anthony Weiner uses the opportunity to raise attention about rising child care costs.

Third Round
21. Walker: Council Ydanis Rodriguez- WR
22. Bush: State Sen. Jose Perralta WR
23. Bragg: State Sen. Malcolm Smith WR
24. Fried: Commissioner Ray Kelly- Nose Tackle
25. Short: Rep. Nydia Velazquez WR
26. Hanlon: Assemblymember Vito Lopez- LT
27. Gates: Council Charles Barron: Announcer/ TB
28. Linderman: Council Steve Levin: Kicker/ Punter
29. Pillifant: Former Governor Eliot Spitzer- QB
30. Durkin: District Attorney Charles Hynes- RT
Lopez is displeased that he slipped to the 3rd round after receiving a 2nd round guarantee from Campbell who missed the draft due to illness.

Fourth Round
31. Durkin: Rep. Mike McMahon LT
32. Pillifant: Mayoral Candidate Reverend Billy Thompson
33. Linderman: Joseph Lentol- FB
34. Gates: Council James Oddo WR
35. Hanlon: Scott Stringer TB
36. Short: Eric Schneiderman: FB
37. Fried: Council Joel Rivera: WR
38. Bragg: Education Commissioner Joel Klein: RB
39. Bush: Council Letitia James: LT
40. Walker: State Sen Jeff Klein: FB
Joe Lentol was on the phone with Linderman within minutes to work out the details of his new contract.

Fifth Round
41. Walker: Rep. Eliot Engel RT
42. Dan: Brad Lander: RB
43. Bragg: Sen Frank Padavan, Unassigned.
44. Fried: Commissioner Janette Sadik Khan- WR
45. Short: State Sen Eric Adams: TB
46. Hanlon: Charlie Rangel- RT
47. Gates: Former Mayor Ed Koch: QB
48. Linderman: Council Dan Garodnick: WR
49. Pillifant: Council Larry Seabrook
50. Durkin: Domenic Recchia: FB
It was only a matter of time before Streetsblog's Fried picked Sadik Khan.

Sixth Round
51. Durkin: Rueben Diaz Sr. and Jr. both at WR
52. Pillifant: Council Miguel Martinez- RT
53. Linderman: Assemblymember Jonathan Bing- TE
54. Gates: State Sen. Liz Krueger- RT
55. Greg: State Senator Diane Savino: TE
56. Short: State Senator Tom Duane: TE
57. Fried: State Sen. Carl Kruger- LT
58. Bragg: State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli RT/LT
59. Bush: Commissioner Amanda Burden FB
60. Walker: Bob Leaver Deputy Mayor TE
Hanlon and Gates are building hungry o-lines with picks Liz Krueger and Diane Savino.

Seventh Round
61. Walker: Health Commissioner Thomas Farley- RT
62. Bush: EDC Commissioenr Seth Pinsky- WR
63. Bragg: Former Comptroller Bill Thompson, O-Line
64. Fried: MTA Chair Jay Walder-TE
65. Short: Council Leroy Comrie- RT
66. Hanlon: Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri: FB
67. Gates: Rep. Jose Serrano WR
68. Linderman: Council Eric Ulrich- TB
69: Pillifant: Assemblymember Anthony Seminiro- TE
70. Erin Durkin: HPD Commissioner Rafael Cestero- Center
Republican Eric Ulrich is just happy to be here.

Eighth Round
71. Durkin: State Sen. Velmanette Montgomery- Kicker
72: Pillifant: Maria Baez- Center
73. Linderman: Rep. Yvette Clark and Oona Clark- TE
74. Gates: Assemblymember Micah Kellner- Kicker
75. Hanlon: Council Vincent Gentile- Nose Tackle (RT)
76. Short: Rep Ed Towns and Assemblymember Darryl Towns- Center
77. Fried: Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler WR
78. Bragg: Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch
79. Bush: Council Elizabeth Crowley and Rep Joseph Crowley: TE
80. Walker: Gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio- TE
Reid Pillifant needs to keep Baez on track, with her tendency to disappear in big games.

Ninth Round
81. Walker: Council Lew Fidler LT
82. Dan Bush: Assembly 52nd Democratic District Leader Olanike Alabi
83. Bragg: AG candidate Eric Dinallo- O-line
84: Fried: Hakeem Jeffries- Kicker
85: Short: DEP Commissioner Cas Holloway WR
86: Hanlon: State Marty Golden TE
87: Gates: State Sen Martin and Council Erik Martin Dilan: Left and Right Guard
88. Linderman: Council Gail Brewer- RT
89. Pillifant: Former Guiliani advisor Bernie Kerick- Kicker
90. Durkin: Council Jumaane Williams: TB
Erik Dilan is excited to be heading to Moses Gates' team with his dad Martin.

Tenth Round
91. Erin: Rep Carolyn Maloney- Kicker
92. Pillifant: Clarence Norman Jr. and Clarence Norman Sr. LT
93. Linderman: Council Danny Dromm TE
94. Gates: Council candidate Isaac Abraham- Center
95. Hanlon: Diana Reyna: WR
96. Short: Adrian Benepe. WR/ Kicker
97. Fried: Council Margaret Chen- Cener
98. Bragg: Joe Lazar. Council candidate- Unassigned
99. Bush State Sen Joseph Addabo- Center/ RT
100. Walker: Council Mark Weprin and Former Council David Weprin.
Despite being the last pick in the draft, the Weprins are far from being Mr. Irrelevants.

Eleventh Round: Defense
Walker: SEIU 1199
Bush: Pratt Area Community Council
Bragg: Working Families Party
Fried: Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn
Short: Make The Road New York
Hanlon: Broadway Triangle Community Coalition
Moses: Real Estate Board of New York
Linderman: Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council
Reid: United Homeless Organizations
Durkin: Rubenstein Associates.
Hanon's pick of the BTCC was immediately ridiculed as "awful".


Moses Gates said...

Koch to Oddo ALL DAY.

Aaron Short said...

How did Hanlon end up with both Vito Lopez AND Diana Reyna, not to mention the BTCC? This smells like an introduction to a "winners" and "losers" column tomorrow.

Greg Hanlon said...

Gentile - Golden is another seemingly incongruous pairing on my squad. But the bottom line is this: I'm not asking them to hold hands and sing "Kumbaya." I'm asking them to win football games.