Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drinking Liberally, Now in Brooklyn

Charles Lenchner, left, tries to convince Justin Krebs, right to stay in Brooklyn for more than three hours. It worked.
Looking for local likeminded left-leaning liberals with lots to languish over including liquid libations?
Drinking Liberally, once confined to Manhattan and Queens, is once again venturing to Brooklyn. On the first and third Tuesday of the month (tonight!), liberals will gather at the 4th Avenue Pub (76 4th Avenue) in Boerum Hill.

Founded by Justin Krebs, right ,who first turned citric acid into alcohol through liberal fomentation in 2003, the group has expanded rapidly into more than 300 chapters nationally. Living Liberally's Josh Bolotsky, Jennifer Suh (both below), Jen Johnson (below) and Brian Sonenstein are the co-hosts since October 2009, and the group has been getting about twenty or so members on any given night.

Krebs, who attended the most recent BK DL, is likely to return, now that he has moved to the borough from Chelsea. As Charles Lenchner said,
“Very few alcoholics have created a career around alcohol. The guy who founded Alcoholic’s Anonymous and Justin.”

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CL said...

I (heart) Krebs.