Monday, January 4, 2010

City Planning Falls Like Dominooooooooos

Sugar is the new black in Williamsburg this afternoon, as the City Planning Commission certified "New Domino", the Community Preservation Corporation's plan to rezone 11 acres of manufacturing zoned property to residential and commercial uses and construct over 2000 units of housing on the Williamsburg waterfront. Actually, it's the CPC Resources' plan. They're the for-profit arm of the Community Preservation Corporation, and you'll be hearing a lot more about them in the coming weeks.
Now that the Environmental Impact Statement has been submitted and with certification, the ULURP clock is ticking. My article on today's hearing is here, but also check out Eliot Brown's piece on the Domino Sugar fight and early speculation on Steve Levin's role in the ULURP process. As a staffer working in Vito Lopez's office, Levin had been skeptical of some of the issues of the density of the plan (and Angela Battaglia also raised questions about parking spaces and tower heights), but Levin has not commented publicly yet on the EIS or the Domino project.
Meanwhile, today was a good day for CPC Resources Senior VP Susan Pollock, below, who has been sticking it out at CB 1 meetings all year and thus deserves a good nickname. Sugar Momma? The Dominotrix?... um... let's just go with Susan "Jackson" Pollock and give her an Ice Cube video.


Anonymous said...

The only Alternative Plan that will benefit us. Its a no-brainer:

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, someone got the reference to Cube's Slave Name. Nice.