Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday morning links

Despite what you read on this blog, other things did happen this weekend. Important newsy things. Let's shove in a list of must-read links over the past few days before returning to a complete analysis of Saturday's Fantasy Politics Draft.

You may have been reading lots of Haiti coverage over the past few weeks, but make sure you check out The Courier's Helen Klein's coverage from Flatbush. Also, Ivan Pereira and Anna Gustafson have the local beat from Cambria Heights, Queens.

Violent crime in Greenpoint this weekend made the news. Gothamist has a round-up and NewYorkShitty is looking into one incident at Huron and Manhattan in particular. The 94th Precinct is having a "Crime Stats" meeting at the station house at 100 Meserole Avenue at 4 PM for press and community organizations (like NAG). Will have more soon.

Finally, Brian Ries, a FreeWilliamsburg contributor, already has video from last night's Bike Wars debate. The video speaks for itself, though what we really need is a Youtube greatest hits mash-up of Isaac Abraham's one-liners.

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