Monday, August 10, 2009

Story of the month

We can't wait until The Short List for this one. Ed Isaac Dovere at City Hall drops this early Monday and I'll take a closer look at it tonight. It's disconcerting to see Woodhull Hospital's Lynn Schulman, who is mounting an uphill campaign in Forrest Hills Queens, cited here, as well as Public Advocate candidate Bill De Blasio. The fallout with The Working Families Party will be interesting to watch over the next week.

CITY HALL SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Six Council Campaigns, de Blasio Campaign, Discovered Using Working Families Staff, Resources In Test Of City Finance Limits

Inner workings of secretive WFP for-profit company and multiple candidates' operations revealed
Edward-Isaac Dovere
August 9th, 2009
A complicated web of coordinated activities, shared resources and staff, and quiet money transfers between the Working Families Party, a secretive private company called Data and Field Services and at least six current Council campaigns, as well as Bill de Blasio’s campaign for public advocate, appears to have found several ways around the strict city campaign finance laws. Upwards of a million dollars, and possibly more, are involved, with over $1.7 million in matching funds comprised of taxpayer dollars already disbursed and more are potentially at stake. There have long been assumptions and rumors of the collaboration between the Working Families Party (WFP) and its favored candidates, but never before has the scope of or intricate processes behind its joint activity been exposed to the degree made possible by an extensive review of public documents and close to 50 interviews with a range of key players conducted by City Hall over the last few days.

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