Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear 34th District candidates (Bushwick & Williamsburg)

Dear Maritza, Gerry, and Diana (that is, Davila, Esposito, and Reyna),

You need to have a debate. The Bushwick/ Williamsburg/ East Williamsburg community wants... needs you to have a debate. The press wants you to have a debate. Heck, Reid, Juliet and I would even settle for a candidates' forum at this point. I know a cage at the corner of Bogart and Grattan Street (above). You can rent it by the hour.

I've heard Make the Road New York wants to do something. I think El Puente wants to do something. I know BushwickBK.com wants to do something. New Kings Democrats? Can you step away from Leslie Crocker Snyder for a second and help put this together? Or maybe Arts in Bushwick can lend a hand? Any other media out there (El Diario)? Yes, I am calling out every community based organization, nonprofit, church group, arts organization, and the like in the 34th District to get involved with this. There have been seven debates for the 33rd District and zero in the 34th. It's not like the 33rd District councilmember votes any more than the 34th District councilmember (or the 37th once that petition challenge finishes). Let's get this together. We've got one month left.


Nast said...

For what? Look what has happened in the 33 race. It has disintegrated into shouting matches and candidates just bitching all the time. Those debates are a farce and the race has become more of a personality issue. Aaron, local council races are not won or lost on debates. It is great fodder for reporters and the like, but ultimately little is accomplished.

Aaron Short said...

Do you know how the candidates stand on the Broadway Triangle? Contextual rezoning? Government and political reform? How about city budget allocations, discretionary funding, loft laws/ artist spaces and nonprofit work? Don't you want to see the candidates challenge each other on these issues?

Nast said...

I hear you man, I really do. You are the James Brown of North Brooklyn. But, for the last primary in 2005 out of about 50,000 registered democrats that reside within the 34, only 7,867 (NYC BOE) voted in the primary. The 2000 census counted approx 190,000 residents in Williamsburg and Bushwick. Pitiful.

Debates, forums, and the like will not address the ultimate poison of politics in Bushwick, Williamsburg, and the smidgen of Ridgewood that comprises the 34: voter apathy.