Monday, August 10, 2009

Jumanji!... and other teasers for tomorrow

Jo Anne Simon! Brad Lander! Steve Levin! Josh Skaller! Evan Thies! John Heyer! Doug Biviano! Bob Zuckerman! Ken Diamondstone! Gary Reilly! Kendall Stewart! Isaac Abraham! Jumaane Williams! Other Williamses! ...Ken Baer!... and... hey, is that Kirsten Dunst?

Community News Group (Courier Life and The Brooklyn Paper) joined BRIC at the Brooklyn Community Access Television (Community Access! Yes!) for an all-day closed-circuited debate featuring candidates from the 33rd, 39th, and 45th Districts. We will have a full write-up of the behind-the-scenes machinations, including highlights such as when Isaac Abraham touched every bagel in the Green Room before picking up some cantaloupe, Jo Anne Simon fake-storming out of the room and the Diamondstone camp trying to start a rumor about it, and when Brad Lander ripped his shirt off to reveal lycra tights with a Superman logo on it. Okay, I made those up, but what really happened is even more interesting. Hell, Tom Tracy, above, spent seven hours in the studio! Check back tomorrow!

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