Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sparks fly at Brooklyn 12

I wasn't at this one but apparently after the Brooklyn 12 debate yesterday afternoon, Jo Anne confronted Ken Diamondstone and Doug Biviano regarding her record on Atlantic Yards and the Gowanus Canal. Then Doug brought up the real estate fundraising story that has been circulating around the internets this week, and a Simon aide lost her cool. Doug says Jo Anne lost her temper too but a candidate's aide in a different council race said the exchange was not as heated and Simon merely stated her objections to Biviano's attacks. I saw a similar exchange Jo Anne had with Diamondstone at the BCAT debate, and that was merely a cold shoulder. Either way, Jo Anne has had a tough week, and it's a rocky road from here on out.
Here's Doug's comment on the debate:
“It was hard to see Jo Anne in that light,” said Biviano. “This has been a deflating week for her campaign. The people in our community are finally getting a fuller portrait of Jo Anne’s record now and it doesn’t gel with the image she’s spun for herself as a candidate. It’s unfortunate, but ultimately Jo Anne can get as mad at me as she wants, because I’m not going to back down from standing up and exposing the whole truth about her and the two other machine candidates in this race. The people have a right to know about who they’re voting for, especially since we’ve had so many disgraceful scandals in City Hall and Albany over the last couple of years.”

Here's Jo Anne's campaign manager:
Mr Biviano is simply trying to distract the voters from his lack of record. The men and women in this district deserve a thoughtful discussion on how the next council person will seek to solve the challenges they face in their communities and Jo Anne Simon will not be distracted from doing just that.
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Anonymous said...

The more 5 candidates keep competing for the very small pool of voters who follow local political gossip, and the more one candidate keeps knocking on doors and shaking hands, the more that one candidate is going to run away with this election. You'll all credit Vito but you shouldn't. The best hustler wins these kind of local elections, not the best debater, or the most connected, or the one with the most money.

I'm not counting Issac in the above tally.