Thursday, August 6, 2009

Schumer endorses Levin

The Brooklyn Paper has Senator Chuck Schumer endorsing Steve Levin for City Council on Friday. Interesting. Levin's cousin, Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) is a close ally of Schumer's in the US Senate, so perhaps this isn't a surprise. Chris Bragg at City Hall News had anonymous sources saying that Assemblyman Vito Lopez had two other candidates in mind before Steve declared (or was tapped depending on who you ask) to run for the 33rd City Council district. One of them was (according to my source) Sam Schaeffer, a former Lopez staffer who has been working in Schumer's Manhattan office for several years.
The Schumer-Lopez relationship is fascinating and somewhat underwritten in the media. I have to look to the field of astronomy to explain that relationship, though as far as I know is both men generally tolerate each other. Both men are planets orbitting the sun (President Obama) and once in a while, planets align.

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