Friday, August 14, 2009

Steve Witt Book Reading

The irrepressible reporter/ street musician Steve Witt (right) is having a book launch for his first novel, "American Moses" TONIGHT at 7:30 PM at Harry O’s Bar and Restaurant, 120 Lawrence Street off Willoughby Street (

Steve describes the book as an unconventional love story between a husband and wife who lead an unlikely congregation across America to the “Promised Land” -- of Las Vegas.

American Moses is sort of the reverse-James Frey, and many of us in the office have been speculating about what is fictionalized and what isn't. Steve Witt is very excited about the launch. He's been calling communtiy leaders and City Council offices all week (Norman Oder and Councilmember Tish James, we're expecting you to stop by!) and he even emailed Rupert Murdoch. No word yet as to whether Murdoch will be appearing tonight, but we think some of the Little People Steve profiled a few weeks ago may be coming.

I have a lot of Steve Witt stories, which I will share in due time, but I am heading upstate in a matter of hours. Instead, I am relying on the blogging/ photography skills of our former colleague Greg Hanlon to blog about the event. Should be interesting.

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