Thursday, August 20, 2009


A few Thursday thoughts:

*Busy Thursday in City Hall today and around the Borough. Thursday's Stated included a number of bills with support of Make the Road New York including landlord transparency (Multiple Dwelling Registration), Paid Sick Days, and Equal Access/ Patient Safety at Pharmacies. They've been working on those for a while, and the nine bills they're looking to advance will be an interesting test of Make the Road's influence with Councilmembers

*Evan Thies picks up the Citizens Union endorsement. So when is the Schumer endorsement coming?... oh... right.

*Speaker Christine Quinn had a staycation in Koreatown and Mayor Bloomberg hung out with Mike Mussina at the Little League World Series in Williamsport. It's officially summer.

*David Yassky released his second campaign commercial, this time entitled, "Behind". Seriously, it' not porn. At least it's better than this...

*Jerrold Nadler endorses Brad Lander while Bill De Blasio gets endorsed by Fernando Ferrer and Mario Cuomo. And lots of random tall people.

*Brooklyn For Barack Comptroller debate tonight. It's at the Union Reform Temple. Is there any way we can convert this debate into a bar mitzvah? Councilmember David Weprin would slaughter that.

*Finally, just got back from Assemblymember Vito Lopez's Sunken Meadows picnic. Can we just go ahead and call it The Vito Lopez Show with special guests Bill Thompson, Michael Bloomberg, Kirsten Gillibrand, Steve Levin, Bill De Blasio, Paul Shaffer Landing and the Martiza Davila All-Stars! Annnnnnnnnd now.... Viiiiiiiiiiiiii-to...... Loooooooooooo-pez!!!!
A photo essay and Sunken Meadows: Part II will be coming shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD!
I LOVE Ms. Troy!!!
Yassky, Thies...
Nothing but spin and excuses.
Uh, uh, uh, my vote wouldn't have counted anyway...
I didn't vote for it for me...