Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Real Reform Brooklyn Speaks Again

Real Reform Brooklyn knows all your secrets
Mystery blog Real Reform Brooklyn keeps dishing out material about the overexposed 33rd District race, this time recycling some old news about Steve Levin's relationship with Vito Lopez (yes he used to work for him and yes his headquarters is in the Knights of Columbus. This does not count as a revelation.) cutting through the fat of a Biviano press release, which BHB kind of did already in fewer words, and pushing the IND Heyer endorsement story to the point where it caused a minor revolt on the Community Board 1 yahoo group (this is still playing out).
Real Reform Brooklyn's tone kind of reminds me of the Simpson's episode, "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" where the children, in an attempt to break curfew, take over the airwaves and reveal all their parents secrets on the radio. Remember that one? Creeped you out a little bit, didn't it. Guys, right now, you're breaking curfew.


teresa said...

It's impossible to take seriously someone who:

1) Does not reveal his/her identity.

2) Refers to him/herself as "we" (a favorite Mark Twain quote notes that only kings, editors and people with tapeworm may use the editorial "we").

Nast said...

33rd District race sucks.

Unknown said...

We haven't seen anyone report on the location of Levin's campaign headquarters. That goes beyond just having worked for Lopez. We also know that our Simon Atlantic Yards reporting has gone farther than anyone else in the District. And we actually took the time to publish Simon's real estate related donations.

Read It all At:


The issue of our anonymity is addressed in several comments on the blog. You should look at it sometime.

As for Toro, she is a Simon supporter who is uncomfortable with our comments about a candidate she supports:

Toro, Teresa
Brooklyn, NY 11222
freelance consultant
Simon, Jo Anne
City Council (2009) 03/10/2009 $100.00

Keeping It Real

Lacey said...

Aaron, you're going to figure out who this person is, right??

Anonymous said...

Real Reform Brooklyn seems so critical of everyone EXCEPT Evan Thies.
Very strange, since he was the Community Board 1 member who RESIGNED rather than vote against the Broadway Triangle, which he NOW wants to claim was horrible.
And he seems joined at the hip with Yassky, which is NOT GOOD, considering the way Yassky sold out his constituents.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Real Reform Brooklyn doesn't take a look at all of the "questionable" activities that took place in the David Yassky/Evan Thies playbook?

Nast said...

Again, this race sucks.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Aren't you going to comment on the passing of Ted Kennedy?!

Unknown said...

We have done a piece on Thies. You should check it out:


We are also planning another. But there is just too much to write on with Levin and Simon.

Real Reform Brooklyn

Teresa Toro said...

I've been quite clear about my support for Jo Anne. I've also been very clear over many years with my disdain (the hell with discomfort) for people with political delusions who don't contribute to the dialogue in any "real" way to achieve actual "reform" -- which takes work. Here's to you, M. Tapeworm.

Anonymous said...

Dear antivito,
The language in the Thies piece was much different than in all the others.
Mild criticism for Thies, even after he chumped out and resigned from CB1 rather than voting against The Broadway Triangle. He should have been skewered for that bull, but the RRB piece totally lets him off the hook.
Until proven otherwise, in my opinion, I'd have to say the Thies camp is Real Reform Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I know one self righteous little lady that could use a tapeworm to gobble up all the bullshit she feeds on.