Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fultongate! Break in at Simon Headquaters! (updated)

Veteran Crime and Investigative Reporter Tom Tracy, right (file photo), is hot on the trails of a break-in at Simon's practice (updated: originally written as Simon's campaign headquarters on Hoyt Street, and that was incorrect). Yesterday, Tracy combed through the 84th precinct crime blotters and picked out a note involving a stolen purse in a downtown Brooklyn office. The purse belonged to a colleague and it was possibly stolen from inside the office of Jo Anne Simon.
Does this mean Tom has to do considerably more Bob Woodword-like legwork on this story? In the words of former Attorney General John Mitchell: $#@#$%!!

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Unknown said...

In the spirit of disclosure, I just wanted to correct some inaccuracies.

1) The Campaign Headquarters for Jo Anne Simon for City Council is located at 75B Hoyt St, not on Fulton St.

2) No employee, or volunteer, of the campaign had her purse stolen.

Thanks for correcting this.