Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marty Broadway

Marty Markowitz is endorsing the Broadway Triangle rezoning action (and Steve Levin). Now the plan is with the City Planning Commission, below, which will be taking its sweet time making a decision.

Last week the Broadway Triangle Community Coalition had a private meeting with Marty and he expressed concern over political outrage on his position over the plan, but he didn't want to endanger support from Kings County Democratic Party Chair Vito Lopez. Apparently Marty felt excluded from the process and considered his support a formality. Tracking.
Updated: Letter has been released. Here's the interesting stuff:
The borough president supports proposals that provide an increase to the supply of housing for Brooklyn residents, especially when the result yields more affordable housing. He is concerned that too many of the borough’s residents leave because they can no longer afford to live in Brooklyn. In light of this, the borough president believes that it is appropriate to require new developments to include permanent affordable housing units. For city-owned lots, it is generally the policy of the borough president to seek at least 50 percent of the generated units to be affordable.
The borough president was not a participant in the initial charette that was the basis for the development of these applications. The borough president’s office has the capacity to assist in the development of such comprehensive planning initiatives. The borough president had the opportunity to comment on the scope of work and his staff received a briefing from HPD. He would have welcomed the opportunity to contribute more to the plan before him. The borough president believes that an involved role by his office during all stages of the development of this proposal is to the benefit of all concerned. The borough president acknowledges the devotion of the involved city agencies towards developing the best plan possible, working within the realities that affect development. With all that said, the borough president seeks to address how the plan can be improved for the benefit of area stakeholders.
The borough president desires to see that there are improvements to the plan in areas including: affordable housing; disposition of city-owned property; business displacement; and, the amount of open space. He believes that the City Planning Commission (CPC), City Council and the Administration can significantly improve this plan by acting to address and incorporate the following concerns and recommendations

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Nast said...

Hey Aaron:

Ask Angela Battaglia how she feels about the project?

For an interesting read:

Guess who is Council Member Reyna's real arch-villain?

No other than Catwoman (by the way - she loves cats) herself, Angela M. Bataglia. She would claw the eyes out of anyone who gets in Don Vito's way. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwww