Thursday, August 13, 2009

33rd District Betting Pool

From Moses Gates. To make things more interesting I imagine.

Dear North Brooklyn activists, journalists, and other political observers:

33rd city council district betting pool is on! $10 buy-in. There's no prize for second place in the election, and there's no prize for second place in the pool. Winner take all.
How To Play: PayPal 10 dollars to with the note "33rd candidate pool" or give me 10 bucks if I run into you. Then send your picks back to this e-mail address. Both picks and money must be received by SEPTEMBER 4th (i.e., before the next campaign finance filing deadline).
If you're not the gambling type and just want to play for bragging rights, that's fine also. Send in your picks, but only people who send in the 10 bucks by Sept. 4th can win the money.
How to Pick: write down the seven candidates in the order you think they'll finish. Then write down the winner's margin of victory over the second place finisher in TOTAL VOTES (not percentage). For instance, if you happen to choose alphabetically, it would look like this:
1. Abraham - wins by 613 votes over Baer.
2. Baer
3. Biviano
4. Levin
5. Livingstone
6. Simon
7. Thies
How to Win: This is a perpetual tiebreak system. Meaning whoever gets the #1 finisher right wins. In the event of a tie (pretty likely), the first tiebreaker is whoever gets the #2 finisher right. If there's still a tie, the second tiebreaker is whoever gets the #3 finisher right. And so on down the line. Final tiebreaker is margin of victory. Please note - margin of victory is NOT Price is Right rules, it's closest to the actual margin either way.
Who can Play: Anyone. Please forward along to anyone else you think might be interested. I've never been that deep into the North Brooklyn world, and I'm sure have left many, many people off this e-mail that might want in.
Confidentiality. If you happen to, say, be a candidate in this race I can understand if you don't want to make yourself know until after the election. As such, it's your option if want to stay confidential before the election. As for afterward, if you win I've got to out you, but if you don't win it's your choice.
My Picks: As I'm the administrator, I'm making myself ineligible to win the money and will be playing on bragging-rights-only level. Your picks get mine.

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Nast said...

I'll put my money on Peter Parker/Spiderman (a.k.a Levin).