Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Short List: The Comeback Edition

We're back and I'm back, and we're ready for a special COMEBACK edition of The Short List. When Michael Freedman Schnapp and I fought at Williamsburg Walks three weeks ago, I had that edge. And now I have to get that back. And the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. Some people say my time has passed. To that, I say, I have the eye... the eye of Sponge Bob.

A full recap of the final Four Square match between BRAD LANDER and AARON SHORT will be coming Monday morning, but first, let's take a look back at the week that was and what lies ahead:

The next stage in the primary elections
, Atlantic Yards, and mayoral control were all important stories, but the biggest story (of the summer?) is the corruption bust in Jersey that included the FBI raiding Dial-A-Beeper on South 8th Street. Sh#t! Now where am I going to get my beepers? Yes there are some Williamsburg ties too, and The Courier's Steve "Perfect Game" Witt has a closer look. Also, NYDN's Liz Benjamin points out that Isaac Abraham is reviewing two $175 contributions that he received from Naftoly Weber, one of the dozens arrested in the corruption sting operation who ran a money laundering operation with Mordechi Fish, one of the rabbis at the center of the investigation.
Abraham's wit via The Daily Politics, which will be further on display at Tuesday night's NAG forum (Sorry Joan Millman, this was the only shot of Isaac I could find):

"I'm very, very surprised. I don't think the community has digested it yet, while they know the charges, I don't think they understand what the charges are...I'm baffled when they say somebody tried to sell on organ. It's not something we hear in this community every day. We don't sell organs, unless it's a musical instrument."

In other developments, the Atlantic Yards
meeting on Wednesday night was apparently an eventful affair, with the Times Fort Greene Local blog saying it erupted several times. Check out Norman's Oder for must-read extended commentary on Atlantic Yards Report as well as Eliot Brown getting Real with Real Estate at The Observer and Mike McLaughlin's wrap at The Brooklyn Paper. Nice photo, guys!

The Greenpoint Gazette's Juliet Linderman is back from vacation and it's full steam ahead with a story about 172 North 8th Street, the India Street mural project (by Talisa Chang), waterfront parks, the new Putting Lot in Bushwick, and East River concerts. Welcome back Juliet!

Hey, registered voter! You like petition challenges? How about obscure, archaic rules that can bump off well-qualified candidates who have raised over 1 million dollars? Well, The New York Times doesn't. Do you blame them?

Quiet weekend so far, though BushwickBK's Anna D'Agrossa has you covered, with today's Pig Roast at 3rd Ward and Summer Streets Bushwick with the RBSCC among the highlights. Trail of Dead is also playing today at East River and I'm getting in touch with my... um... masculine side at Humpday with an old roommate later on. We've got some issues to work out.

Marlowe and Daughters' Tom Mylan's favorite TV show is Dexter.

Be sure to check out NAG's Verbal Smackdown on Tuesday night at 7 PM at Williamsburg's Northside preschool, and send in your questions to make it interesting. Otherwise, it's going to be a lot of Jo Anne sharing jokes about the time she was a roadie with KISS and Evan fake laughing at them.

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