Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sex! Broadway Triangle!

All that tsuris... for this?
Williamsburg/ Greenpoint- Now that we've got your attention, tonight is the final Community Board One vote on the rezoning of the Broadway Triangle. We've come a long way, baby. At a June ULURP (Uniform Land Use Rezoning... I mean... Review Procedure) Committee meeting, the Community Board members voted through four parts of the rezoning action, paving the way for the full board's consideration. Broadway Triangle Community Coalition members did not demonstrate at that meeting, but they are planning on packing the house tonight and will warm up the crowd at 5:30 PM right outside 211 Ainslie Street.

Oy Vez Mir or Oy Vez Como Va? We'll find out soon enough.

Several unanswered questions that will likely be resolved tonight. Will the ball finally bounce Rob Solano's way? Will that smile on Ward Dennis' face remain there after the meeting?

Will everyone actually get into the meeting tonight, as police officers and CB1 are keeping a strict headcount at the door (get there early people!)? Will Vinnie Abate realize that he's no longer Chair and can finally watch that Law and Order show everyone has been talking about for twenty-nine years. Tune in TONIGHT where we will be live blogging the results!

All eyes will be on New Chair Chris Olechowski... except for Rabbi Webber's.

Updated!...This just in from Councilmember David Yassky:

"The rezoning of the Broadway Triangle is a long overdue step toward the creation of much-needed affordable housing and a revitalized central business district in this largely underdeveloped section of Williamsburg. This rezoning will allow for the creation of over 1,900 units of housing - including over 900 units of affordable housing- through the development of both 100% affordable public housing as well as through the use of the inclusionary housing bonus on privately owned property. I am particularly pleased that this will be a contextual rezoning.Furthermore, Community Board 1 Land Use Committee’s recommendations for additional open space commitments and greater protections and resources for affected small businesses should be incorporated into the plan. With those important adjustments, this rezoning will finally allow the neighborhood to move forward in a positive direction."


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arron to u have a twitter account?

Anonymous said...

more updates! more updates now!!!!

Anonymous said...

How could they have this important meeting in a small space. Why didnt the board use a local school auditorium for this meeting. turning away members of the community is poor management