Friday, July 3, 2009

The Short List: America F### Yeah! edition

We'll let Tom Cruise ring in an abbreviated holiday version of The Short List, because Tom Cruise knows what Independence Day is all about. That's right. Flip-flopping. Of course, some people out there say that men wearing flip-flips is a dealbreaker. That's why I wear boat shoes.

Let's face facts here. Other than Conor Oberst at Battery City Park tomorrow and last night's mayoral forum, for which I've summoned equal enthusiasm, there's not a Hell of a lot going on this weekend. The fireworks got moved to Jersey, Bushwick is emptying out (though Anna does a nice job collecting the scraps of entertainment that remain), and family-friendly entertainment doesn't open until next weekend. I'm going to the Statue of Liberty tomorrow on a press junket. If Matt Lauer and I are wearing the same khaki suit, which one of us is going to blink first?

As for notable news in the past week, check out the Greenpoint Gazette's features on the Unfancy Food Show and the India Street Mural project, an oldie but goodie at WG News+Arts in Reid Pillifant's Tony Avella profile, Ben Sisario of The Times finally releases his East River State Park concert preview and visits the Brooklyn Bowl while down the street Mike Albo shops at the Paul Smith outlet store, Diego Cupolo explores the Linden Street garden on bushwickBK, The Courier's Tom Tracy's update from Albany, the Mayor visits McCarren Park and talks about Summer Streets, and the separation of church and state on the South Side appears to have dissolved in June.
I'm going to take it easy this weekend and I'm really hoping not that much news happens. You hear that, candidates? Don't urinate in public or punch a cop in the face (I'm talking to you, Jo Anne Simon!).

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