Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jo Anne versus Evan: Evil Dead II

Williamsburg- Just like Marlo Stanfield prepared to take over West Baltimore, two of the next generation of Brooklyn public officials, Jo Anne Simon and Evan Thies took to the corners Wednesday morning for the final leg of petitioning.

Jo Anne's right hand, not pictured, is actually on her blackberry.

Once again, Phil DePaolo (who should really have a nickname at this point. P-Dep? Philly D? "Prop Phil"?) and CBI D's Lucy Koteen brought out their New York Community Coalition endorsed candidate, Jo Anne Simon to the corner of Bedford and North 7th for a little flesh pressing. New Kings Democrat Lincoln Restler and Simon body girl Kelly Donnelly, left, were also on site to witness petitions, collect signatures and perform ninja-like activities if the situation demanded. Is it right to be treated so bad... when you've given everything you've had?

One notable Simon-fave who was absent this morning was local transportation temptress Teresa Toro, right, who claimed she had "work" to do at the Office of Emergency Management. Somehow knowing that Toro is protecting us all from a likely eminent yet unspecified disaster is strangely comforting.

Thies and his helper elves were led by Greenpoint-resident Nick Rizzo, whose diet consists entirely of diet coke, olive oil, and energizer batteries. Did we mention that Rizzo's body is currently under DCP review for LEED certification? Thies patrolled the Driggs end of the Bedford L-stop for some of the morning, but left at 8:45 AM to go into the city for a labor interview. Simon's crew, which normally runs subway shifts at 7:15, started at 8 and broke at 9 to get coffee up the block. While they were there, they spotted NAG members Michael Freedman Schnapp (MFS) and NCMC's Christine Holowacz. Freed-Schnapp said that he did not stop by to sign Jo Anne's petition and that "Evan got me at Four Square." I wonder if they were on their way to a NAG meeting.

"Hi I'm Evan Thies and I'd like to talk to you about our low introductory rates available for a limited time only. Also, I'm still not sleeping"


Unknown said...

One vote for Prop Phil.

Anonymous said...

"Phil DePaolo (who should really have a nickname at this point."

How about "Phil Annoying"

Anonymous said...

Fuck that. Phil's a great guy -- the world would be a better place if there were more Phil D's out there.

Anonymous said...

More like "Hi, I'm Evan Thies, and I was working for David Yassky when he was selling your community out. I was actually his spokesman, and tried to put a favorable spin on all his BS."