Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paparazzi, No!

Brooklyn- Shortly after 8 AM this morning, celebrity community journalist Aaron Short checked into a Bushwick rehabilitation clinic for Four Square overexposure. According to several witnesses, Short couldn't handle the pressure that came from a 468-word feature article written in The New York Observer Wednesday.

"I could have handled 200 or even 300 words, but over 400 words? That was way too much," said Short, trailed by half a dozen paparrazi. "This four-square phenomenon has taken over my life. I blame Williamsburg Walks."

Over the coming weeks and months, Short is expected to receive the best treatment for media overexposure in the city, including seminars with esteemed recluses such as Cormac McCarthy and Harper Lee, as well as former Vice President and Nobel laureate Al Gore, because, let's face it, no one has heard from him in a while. Lauren Conrad, Meghan Fox, and the entire cast of Cougar Town are expected to enroll.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! How did that end up in the Observer?!

Anonymous said...


Might as well take this to the next level: FOUR SQUARE LEAGUE!!!!!!!

Please announce the draft day so I can start practicing.

Teresa Toro said...

Heck, I could have given you some pointers on surviving media overexposure.