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From El Diario (translated)

16 Jul 2009
El Diario
CARMEN ALARCÓN/EDLP carmen.alarcon@eldiariony.com
Neighbors at war with 'triangle' of Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - The controversial plan for the city rezonificar Broadway Triangle area in Brooklyn was approved Tuesday by the Community Board 1 after a contentious debate that caused the meeting to 10 pm
CARMEN ALARCÓN/EDLPBrooklyn community groups are protesting the city's plan for urban redevelopment area "Triangle of Brooklyn.
With 23 votes favor and 12 against, the Board ignored the request of one of the councilors of the area Diana Reyna not accept what she and opponents of the plan seen as an agreement between parties and not a plan that will benefit the community Befdord-Styvesant and Williamsburg.
Coalition members of the Broadway Triangle (BTCC), which includes more than 40 Latino organizations, and African-American Hasid area, denounced the lack of transparency in the awarding of public land to two community organizations and the exclusion of community in the process.
The plan for 31 acres rezonificar Triangle will create 1.851 units including affordable housing -905 between Throop Street, Harrison, Middleton and Flushing Avenue.
"The plan of HPD (Department of Housing Preservation and Development of the city) did not include the views of people in Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant," said Rob Solano, director of the Organization Churches United for Fair Housing owned by the coalition.
Seth Dolin, HPD spokesman, said that there was nothing unusual in the award of two land claims that have included the community in the process.
"The community played an active role throughout the process, and that improved the project. In the end, one group opted not to participate in the public process," noted the spokesperson for the City Hall, Andrew Brent.
The coalition announced that it will oppose the plan HPD.

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