Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's pronounced Jee-Lee-Oh, not Jig-A-Lo

Williamsburg- I had a wide-ranging interview with Monsignor Joseph Calise, far right, this morning, where we talked about the upcoming Giglio festival, Robert Moses, the changing demographics of Brooklyn and Queens parishioners, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and the sex abuse scandals, the politicization of the Southside parishes (look for a big article this Friday on that), how the hipsters view the Italian community, and why the Giglio is steeped in so much nostalgia.

The festival begins on July 8th, though tonight marks one of the first technical steps, when ConEdison workers lift the metal structure on the top of the roof with a crane, to form the base of the Giglio. I'll have a full preview next week too. Until then, happy lifting!

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