Friday, May 22, 2009

The Short List: South Pacific Edition

Ahhhh Fleet Week. Nothing like a fresh shipment of Venereal Disease from the South Pacific to wash up onto our harbors. Y'all enjoy the Chlamydia, I'm heading to the Greenpoint BBQrawl, Meanred's reopening of The Yard with Taco Trucks(!), and Bang on a Can (it's BYOCan). The Crawl is getting a lot of press and I'm a little worried Linderman's head is going to explode, but she's a professional.

If parades are more your thing, Queens has you covered with Memorial Day marches in Maspeth, Woodside and Douglaston. The Soul Tigers will probably not be participating in Douglaston, but one can hope. Maybe next year guys. Love these guys. I can't contain myself.


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