Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Debators.... Debators...

Steve Levin debuts his new campaign theme song. Bet on it.

This is the last one of these things for a while, right? Yes. Yes, it is. Tonight, candidates running in the 33rd District City Council hike up to Greenpoint (or is it Williamsburg? It's a soft border line on Leonard Street and it depends who you ask) at MS 126 for the last debate of the season. Don't worry. Flu or not, the school is staying open. You know, we've had a lot of fun so far but now the candidates are on their own.

Jeff, Khristina, and Juliet at the Greenpoint Gazette are a little nervous about the event
so we're all going to do some shots at the office to loosen things up. It's going to be a challenge keeping the candidates within the time limit and keeping the sponsors from charging the stage with follow-up questions. Also, three of the candidates will be drunk.

Finally, a reminder to those in the audience, no wagering! We're in a public school.

"I'll put 4 Gs on Evan Thies and 2Gs on Jo Anne Simon beating the over."

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