Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pre-Post Debate Mortem: Who got served?

The next debate will be a dance off.

Hats off to New Kings Democrats today, whose City Council debate in the 33rd District (encompassing Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights, downtown Brooklyn, Boerum Hill, and bits of Park Slope) was by and large a success. It's hard to assess these things from the moderator's chair, so Juliet Linderman will be submitting a monster guest post tomorrow morning about how the debate went. My highlights for the evening were Evan Thies' anticpatory look when Jo Anne Simon had to say something nice about him, Gazette Publisher Jeff Mann texting Levin Campaign Manager Deb Feinberg to write down Isaac Abraham's "Vito Power" line, Doug Biviano saying he built a raft that sailed across the ocean, and Steve Levin's constant wanting gaze in my direction whenever he answered my questions. I love you too, Steve.

In the meantime, check out the round-up from WG News+Arts, Brooklyn Heights Blog, The Brooklyn Paper, Greenpoint Gazette, Under the BQE (Who is this girl? Do I know you?) and Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn. Louise, were you in the house or did you get lost on the way? (Edited. Ahh Louise, you were there. Very good.)


Anonymous said...

Aaron- I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. I thought Harry Van Potter H.S. Was on North 7 1/2 Street. Can you at least please tell us who won? Thanks, - L.

Anonymous said...

I think Levin probably came out on top. His responses were thoughtful and concise. He didn't ramble, and he didn't give stock answers.

After two weeks where every article on Levin questioned his absence at prior debates, all eyes were on him at this one, and I think he showed the audience that he really does know the issues, and that his campaign should not be underestimated.