Friday, May 22, 2009

Community Board Four: Reyna and Dilan together again

Community Board Four selects its new officers. — Photos by Aaron Short

It was so beautiful out on Wednesday that I nearly forgot it’s Bushwick’s time of the month, yes, another Community Board Four meeting. Don’t fret, BushwickBK is here, reporting from Hope Gardens MultiService Center. I walked in at 6:32 PM, just as District Manager Nadine Whitted was taking roll call.

On my left, I glance at a small office where Anna Gonzalez, Hope Gardens Director and one-time CB4 Chair, works out of, before taking my seat. Usually Gonzalez, her family, and her staff are hanging out in the office while the meeting occurs, finishing up the day’s business. Tonight, the room is locked and the lights darkened.

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