Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Kings... Come out and Plaaaaaaaaaayyy


Oh it's on. Tonight. 7 PM. Harry Van Arsdale School Auditorium. 257 North 6th Street. Williamsburg. And also Greenpoint.

Count us as a twee bit excited for New Kings Democrats' first ever debate featuring the seven candidates for City Council in the 33rd District. It's Simon vs. Thies vs. Diamondstone vs. Baer vs. Levin vs. Biviano vs. Abraham for the 33rd!

Questions about slush funds or the pension scandal? That's a deal breaker ladies!

Many of the candidates have asked me for hints about what is going to be discussed during the debate. So far I've been mum, but I can let it slip that one-third of the questions will cover plot twists from last night's Gossip Girl season finale! Evan Thies, right, is already spending the afternoon pouring over hours and hours of transcripts from Season 2.
Seriously, though, we will be bringing the heat. It's on. It's so on. Right Vince Vaughn?

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