Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's snowy links

Senator Chuck Schumer announced that the Yeti will be brought in to lock down the Health Care bill in Washington this morning. Also, the Yeti is hungry (photo by BTLR).

It is storming again outside, shutting down most meetings (the Hoyt Street Association is still on tonight at 7 PM and the upcoming plant sale on May 1st and 2nd is on the agenda), which means its time to dig through the past few days of links for another morning round-up.

*The New York Times has been shopping in Williamsburg recently, with a stop at Voos, the furniture store and 3rd Ward 2008 Solo Show artist Jeremy Leichman gets a shoutout.

*The Times also previews a new San Francisco-based coffee shop called Blue Bottle Coffee that is coming to the supersaturated Northside. Someone at the DOH needs to do air sample testing on Bedford Avenue for caffeine. I think we're over the recommended EPA guidelines.

*The Brooklyn Kitchen wasn't the only institution to close this month (though the Meat Hook looks like a cross between Julie and Julia and Raiders of the Lost Ark). In Bay Ridge, The Hutch is liquidating its antiques, accessories, and kitchenware. The Courier's Helen Klein has more.

*Question: What do Brooklyn's urban planners and transportation advocates do to blow off some steam? Answer: They dance their asses off at Cheryl.

*Onto the hard news! Or at least, the kinds that isn't edible... The Courier's Tom Tracy looks at Borough President Marty Markowitz's discrimination suit while reporting Ken Lowy's fall from Independent Neighborhood Democrats. After all that, Tom hung out with some Trekkies in a standing room only crowd in Williamsburg. Big week for the Tracer.

*The Greenpoint Gazette has a new issue out today with news about New Domino, the bill to federalize NYCHA buildings, and oil slicks on Newtown Creek, but the must-read article is Juliet Linderman's profile of Mario Fortunato of Fortunato Brothers and his return to the neighborhood from prison after his racketeering charges were overturned. None of this changes the fact that they make the best gelato and cheesecake in Brooklyn. In fact, I'm heading there tonight for a scoop of pistachio.

*Finally, the Kosciuszko Bridge designs are out for review and they're down to four. Check out my report at The Courier here as well as CityRoom and the Brooklyn Paper's look at the Bridge to Somewhere. The Timesweekly, Queens TimesLedger , Queens Chronicle, and Queens Crap have the view from the other side of the river. Personally, I was disappointed that Sufjan Stevens didn't perform Hula Hoops and was only at the open house to look at the designs.

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