Friday, February 12, 2010

The Short List: Valentines Edition

The taxidermied fillies may be long gone from Jack The Pelican, but love is in the air in Brooklyn this weekend.

There are so many Valentine's Day events in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick that it's hard to keep track. For foodie lovers, whose fastest way through their heart is through their stomachs, Greenpoint is the place to be on Saturday, as the Greenpoint Food Market returns from noon to 5 PM. Buy those chocolates for that special someone and then eat them before picking up a bouquet of make-up flowers.

If you're less obsessed about local handcrafted delicacies and if you think that attending Philadelphia's Wing Bowl is an ideal date, then head over to Red Star Bar on Greenpoint Avenue to find out who is making Brooklyn's best wings! Gersh is going to judge. Hopefully a fight breaks out.

In Williamsburg, there are pre V-day hook-up/ meet-up parties, food vender parties, gallery opening parties, hipster book release parties, and professional skee-ball championship parties. I'm not sure what any of this has to do with Valentines Day, and neither does anyone else. Just go to something, and you'll hit it off with your future special someone.

And finally, in the considerably more laid-back Bushwick, check out opening weekend of Pass Kontol's Rock Opera at The Bushwick Starr. They're getting some early positive press and decent reviews not just in BushwickBK, but will this be the event that gets the band some much deserved recognition? C'mon, they're the home team! They're easy to root for! And they're taking a residency all this month, so if you miss them this weekend you can catch them next weekend.
And to finish it all off, head over to Moviehouse's 3rd year anniversary at 3rd Ward. Remember, good things happen in threes. Or maybe that's death. Either way, go to Moviehouse and find out for yourself.

For Chris Henderson's sake, I've got to throw another Wing Bowl video at you. I miss Philly.

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