Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Countdown to Steve Witt's Book Reading: 2 Days

There are only two days remaining before Steve Witt's epic book reading at MoCada on Thursday night. It's hard to put into words the experience of attending one of Steve's readings, so I'll leave that to Steve's number two fan, Erica "Cookie" Sherman...
It was unlike any reading I’ve ever been to, in that Witt — on top of the “American Moses” thing — is also a truly inspired singer/songwriter, with an equally terrific band, whose divergent personalities and talents combine to create a wonderful synergy. That’s the part that so many people don’t know, but need to know about: You are not just sitting there listening to a guy read from his novel (which was very good, by the way), but you are taking in a multi-faceted musical and literary performance. And, my $0.02: “The Brooklyn Song” needs to be shopped around — that baby has hit potential. And “Traveling Salesman,” without a doubt, should be the B-Side. Do they make B-Sides anymore, or is that an old 45 thing?

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