Friday, February 12, 2010

...And Evan Thies Strategies

Former Council candidate Evan Thies announced a new venture he is working on called Brooklyn Strategies. Here's the email...

At some point over the years, you and I have been a part of the same team. We may have fought for a cleaner environment, been part of national or local efforts to protect workers’ rights, or campaigned to elect a progressive Democrat to Congress, statewide office, or the City Council. During more than a decade of working in the world of government and advocacy, I’ve been proud to be a part of many important campaigns.

Now I’m putting that experience to work in my new venture: Brooklyn Strategies.

Brooklyn Strategies provides comprehensive public affairs and strategic planning services to non-profit, political, and corporate clients. We offer tailored programs built around each client's specific needs, from issue-based campaigns to specific communications challenges. Brooklyn Strategies also offers a suite of specialized services, including speech and editorial writing, research, and public policy development.

With budgets tight and public opinion of our government disturbingly low, issue advocates and progressive politicians need help to move their agendas and get their message through. Brooklyn Strategies was founded in response to these needs—to address the challenges of today with a strong track record of results in government and advocacy.

You can read more about Brooklyn Strategies at Contact or reply to this email to find out how we can help advance your campaign or issue.

I look forward to working together again soon.

Evan Thies

Just look how happy he is!