Friday, February 19, 2010

The Short List: Bachelor Party Edition

In a few short weeks, one of my best friends Adam, above left, is getting married. I'm not sure why exactly, but apparently that's something the young people are doing these days. In the meantime, his friends are throwing him a bachelors party this weekend. Let's take a look at the possible destinations among the events occurring this weekend that we can all be thoroughly shamed and humiliated at while attending...

*Back That Beat!: We're taking Adam back to Bushwick to check out all the new gallery openings at Norte Maar, Factory Fresh, Storefront, and English Kills for hopefully lots of nude studies, nude sculpture, nude portraits, and a few nude performing arts exhibitions, also known as every English Kills opening ever. For the complete list, check out Anna D'Agrosa's round-up at BushwickBK. Afterwards, we're making the obligatory pit stop at Pumps. Anyone have change for a $100?
Saturday is our chill day. A round of golf near Floyd Bennett Field, a little biking over the bridge to the Far Rockaways, and maybe even a swim at Jacob Riis Park before heading over to that Russian Bathhouse dance party in Kensington, still the only party in Brooklyn where you can get a sexually transmitted disease without actually having sex with anyone. I'm breaking out the full-body condom for this one.
Sunday: We're hitting the Orthodox neigborhoods of the 44th District to do a little campaign volunteering before taking the bus back to Williamsburg and picking up some future wives during a quickie Hasidic wedding ceremony at a former armory. Remember, what happens in Holy Williamsburg gets videotaped and uploaded to Youtube. Thanks for the memories Adam. L'Chaim!

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