Monday, June 1, 2009

Corrections and Appendages: Part 1


When I write a column, I try to call a number of different sources for background material, do a lot of background reading on previous articles, attend an organization's events or visit the site often, and maybe follow one source if it is more of a feature piece. It all depends on what I'm writing about. Last week, I wrote about MeanRed Productions, the Gowanus-based music and event promotions company, which is looking to hold more events in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. They wanted to add some points to my column which did not come up in my conversations with them, and in some ways are additions. I also should have focused more on the full team at MeanRed, including Jen Lyon and Katie Longmyer, which would have made for a better column, but tight deadlines and missed calls got in the way of that. I am reprinting the condensed bullet points from MeanRed here:

1. I think the point we wanted to make about the situation being "harder" is that yes it is a challenge to be an event producer these days, but part of what makes us good is how creative we are in maneuvering around that. It would be more accurate to say "in a time where people are counting their pennies, it gives us the opportunity to find creative ways to bring events to them, events that they can afford and enjoy, while remaining a thriving business ourselves."

2. The "dealbreaker/rocket science" quote doesn't illustrate the larger picture. In the end, it is our combined 20 years in nightlife / production biz, it is the relationships we have developed, it is our diverse community, etc, that give us the ability to find and engage in creative spaces.

3. If anything, BKLYN Yard is a perfect example of how we love to take something raw and turn it into something beautiful.

4. The final quote might be misconstrued. Yes, it is a challenge, but we are certainly not closed off to exploring interesting partnerships. If tabling doesn't work, we look for ways to support through email blasts and marketing campaigns.

Also, check out Joseph Alexiou's article about MeanRed in New York Press.

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