Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Short List: Mermaids ARE real edition

It takes a special person to lead off an all-mermaid version of The Short List and that person is Cher. With her timeless elegance, iconic sound, and ageless skin, who else would be the pick for the music you hear when you call Leah Archibald at EWVIDCO and her secretary puts you on hold. Yes, I Be-LIEVE in life after love.. after love... after love... after love...

A reminder that Coney Island Hospital is located on 2601 Ocean Parkway
Yes, it's The Coney Island Mermaid Parade where for one day, thousands of otherwise normal Brooklynites brush off their best pastels, frilly scarfs, and glittery leotards to transform into land-dwelling aquatic creatures. I'm hoping to wear my short shorts. So short they're practically illegal. Fortunatley the 60th precinct will be otherwise occupied.

Backup! We need backup!
Onto more pressing matters throughout the district, as there's word of yet another oil slick in Greenpoint on Newtown Creek, Brooklyn Paper's Ben Muessig on the Greenmarket moving to the other side of McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Juliet Linderman's extensive profile of Crest Fest in the Greenpoint Gazette, the WG News Arts blog takes in the Northside Festival, the Village Voice blog picks apart Jay Mundy's trip to Williamsburg, and for some Coney Island rezoning news, check out Mike McLaughlin's take in the Brooklyn Paper.

As for this weekend, if you're not into mermaids, BushwickBK's Anna D'Agrosa has a rundown of Make Music New York's best events on Sunday. But we're into mermaids. Just like Fry.
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