Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Short List: Dysfunction Junction edition

Look how happy State Senator Tom Golisano is!

There's no coup like a hometown coup. That's what I say. This week's Short List, and a rare Saturday post at that, is brought to you by transitions of power. From Iran to Albany and back to Brooklyn, things got a little out of control in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. For the whole meeting. Also, does anyone know where Senator Tom Duane is? He owes me a phone call.
Senate Republicans ponder their next Majority Leader

Fortunately, the week is over and the Northside Festival is here to let us blow off some steam. Sunet Rubdown had some technical difficulties at Studio B last night. As Spencer Krug said, "Let's just finish this set and get out of here. I don't mean that." The crowd politely shouted, "You sound just fine, really!" before Krug explained, "Honestly this has been really fun for me. We got through it together." I know I'll be hanging out in the media tent this afternoon and checking out Bishop Allen tonight. Middle Management! Play Middle Management!

Allright! Allright! Allright! Allright!

Also, this weekend, there's the Crest Hardware Show, Figment on Governor's Island, the Puerto Rican Day parade in midtown (this has to be the largest of the year) and the spontaneous afterparties in the South Side and Bushwick, and a nifty link of Bushwick picks from BushwickBK's Anna D'Agrosa. I'll have much more about the first week of City Council petitioning on Monday and embarrassing photos from Thursday night's Seneca Club dinner. Thanks Steve Cohn!

Did you know the Northside Festival is sponsored by Heineken? Can we offer you a Heineken? Heineken Heineken Williamsburg Heineken! Steve Hindy just wants this festival to go away.

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